Episode Hack - Generate Gems and Passes

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Episode: Choose Your Story Review: Read And Play Numerous Tales!

If you like spending your leisure time in reading novels, then you will certainly enjoy playing Episode Choose Your Story Game. Here, you can read and play stories based on various genres like horror, adventure, relationship, etc.

The stories can be played on Android or IOS operating systems. As you keep reading them, you will come across some choices that you need to make. These choices should be made wisely as they can have gargantuan effect on the anecdote. A single choice that you make can take the story to an absolutely different course, so you need to choose carefully.

Which Currency Can Be Used In Episode Choose Your Story Game?

The two important in-game currencies are Gems and Passes. You will require both of them in good amounts so earning them becomes a vital task in the game. You will need Gems for making crucial choices, buying outfits, etc. Gems can be earned in form of daily bonus, or can be purchased by spending real currency. Another alternative is to make use of Episode hack to acquire infinite Gems within seconds.

On the other hand, Passes will be required for unlocking new episodes of the story that you are interested in reading. The first few episodes of each story can be read easily as they are not locked. However, if you want to progress with a particular story then you need to unlock its subsequent episodes and for that you will require Passes. There are several ways to acquire Passes in the game like earning them as rewards, inviting others to play the game, subscribing for social media accounts, and much more.

As you keep completing various missions in the game, you can earn Passes. There are some players who are unable to earn Passes in huge amounts. So, they buy Passes with real cash. While, there are other gamers who do not prefer spending their hard-earned money on online games. For them, they can use Episode Cheats.

Listed Below Are Some Vital Strategies To Use For Making Your Episode Choose Your Story Game Enjoyable:

  • You will get missions to complete each day. Ensure that you finish all challenges daily as you will be able to earn plenty of Gems and Passes.
  • Every four hours, you will get three Passes for free. To earn maximum amount of free currency daily, you should utilize the Passes as soon as you acquire them.
  • If you are planning to pen down your own story for the game, then you can either make the story popular by presenting it in front of all gamers or keep it limited to a selected group of players.
  • New gamers should always subscribe with the gaming social media pages so that they can chat with other players and learn from their experiences.

To conclude, Episode Choose Your Story Hack and the game it self is an interesting way to spend your leisure time in style. There are more than 80,000 stories that can be read and played. So, select a story as per your preference and have a fantastic time while playing it.